Nehru Group of Institutions understood the fact that early childhood education is important to a child’s future academic and professional success. Being the Pioneers in providing Quality education we are delighted to enter into the service of providing elated learning experience to the toddlers. In the development stages of a child, early childhood is a very important stage of life, wherein a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development sets in. Lot of learning takes place from birth to age six, which is termed to be very crucial period. At this period children need quality personal care and learning experiences. Having this in mind, through our Nehru Kids Academy we provide toddlers a positive learning experience which will be the foundation for their future success in their schooling. We groom the child from day one onwards, which will help the child to change from being dependent to independent and learn to avoid body language and use the verbal communication. The building blocks, picture books, paints, table toys, puzzles and other art materials are the most attractive learning modes for the children. We have trained teachers to take of your children with love and affection and are committed to work with them in groups and individually.
We welcome you to cherish the moments of the positive transformation in your little lovely children.