We nurture the child’s natural curiosity and their zest for learning
Nehru Group of Institutions is happy to establish yet another new institution where your child will grow, learn and be loved. We are committed to bringing the highest quality of early childhood education and care for your children. At Nehru Kids Academy, toddlers will have hands-on activities that develop academic skills and also will be enhanced with social skills. We ascertain that children will learn through playing and develop fundamental knowledge through a variety of activities. The Play way method enables children to learn many social skills and projects on the importance of relationship. The rules specified in the board games, ball games and card games will help children to understand the need for cooperation, trust, problem solving, and creativity and logical thinking. The classroom environment aims to ensure that the children are academically prepared through the experienced teachers who develop lessons around different concepts like letters, shapes, numbers and colours. At Nehru Kids Academy the curriculum and activities are designed to cater to the child’s enthusiasm for learning and concentrate on the holistic development of your child. We are committed to lay a strong foundation for the child’s future.
We welcome you to experience the joyful learning of your children.